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GO! Strip Cutter 1" (1/2" Finished)

Why Quilters Love the GO! 1" Strip Cutter Die:

  • The smaller the strip, the more difficult it is to cut accurately  and the more strips you need. The GO! Strip Cutter-1" makes it easy to cut miniature quilts, narrow accent borders, narrow sashing, string piecing and more. 
  • No sliding rulers! No miscuts! The GO! Strip Cutter-1" includes seven strips that can be a challenge to cut by hand.   
  • Idea for scrappy quilts! Easily cut up to 6 layers of scraps or full length fabric on the die to get 21 perfectly cut 1" strips in one pass thru the cutter. 
  • GO! Strip Cutter-1" includes 1/4" seam allowances for easy alignment and piecing. 
  • Cut perfect 1" strips, then use the angled guide lines to cut squares and diamonds. 
  • Die blades are 23" long and are open at both ends to allow cutting of fabric that is still folded as it comes off the bolt. 
  • Cut strips out of a variety of fabrics: cotton, batiks, flannel, fleece, and more! 
  • Free pattern downloads available to get you started.

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